Use the teamraise program to pay for your trip to the youth Softball nationals


  • After registering for the Nationals, enter your team information in the form here, and we’ll build your custom TeamRaise webpage! Your TeamRaise webpage allows your team’s parents to solicit donations online through social media, email, and any other method you wish to reach friends, family, and supporters of your team. Your team will sell online tickets for a $10 donation each in exchange for your donors to have a chance to win a FREE 50″ Smart HDTV! Your team must sell at least 200 tickets to have a drawing. See an example TeamRaise page HERE!!
  • Here’s the best part. Your team keeps 80% of all tickets sold, and we take care of the cost of everything else, including your custom team webpage, the TV and shipping it to your winner’s door! Compared to other fundraising programs like candy bars, magazines, coupon cards, and others the TeamRaise fundraising program gives you a much bigger chunk of the money you raise.
  • We will invoice you for the amount of tickets sold after your drawing date.
Set a goal for each player to sell at least 40 tickets to their friends and family. It’s easy – just have them text, email, call or post on social media your new custom team webpage. Set rewards for your top sellers or for those that exceed their goal to provide further incentive for them, like gift cards. You won’t believe how easy this is! Sell 500 tickets and you will have raised $4,000 for your team – enough to pay your entry fees to the Nationals! Many teams used this fundraiser to pay for their entire Nationals trip last year!
With a roster of 12 players, your team can raise anywhere from $960 to $4,800 or more! This is a great way to not only pay for your entry fees, but can also be applied to lodging costs, travel costs, food expenses and more!

Did your team sell 200+ tickets? Print out the list of your donors. Now the fun part, time to draw your lucky winner! Just come up with your own method to randomly select one of your team’s donors from the list.

Once you have your winner’s name, just send us their contact info through the TeamRaise website. After we receive payment for your TeamRaise invoice (see Step 5) we will ship your winner a brand new, name brand, 50” Smart HDTV direct to their door, anywhere in the country! You pay nothing for the TV or the shipping costs, that’s on us – how cool is that?

Your TeamRaise invoice is not due until 10 days after your drawing date. Obviously, after you’ve collected all of your funds. Remember, you keep 80% of the money raised so your invoice will only represent the other 20% ($2.00 per ticket sold). Once we receive payment for your TeamRaise invoice we will process the fulfillment of the TV and ship to your drawing winner.


This is a great way to not only pay for your entry fees, but can also be applied to lodging costs, travel costs, food expenses and more!
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