Pin Trading

Pin Trading at the Nationals

Collect souvenirs your kids will revisit for years to come … and have a chance to WIN a trip to the COLLEGE WORLD SERIES

Teams get custom-made pins created specifically for their team, signifying things like their home city and state, team mascot, player names and or numbers and other unique characteristics. Pin trading offers a great opportunity for players, coaches, parents and siblings of different teams to interact and meet each other during their time at the Nationals.


Collect a pin from every participating team & be entered into a drawing for TWO tickets to the COLLEGE WORLD SERIES…. Airfare and Hotel Stay included!! (to be eligible to win, your team must have a pin of their own to trade)

Youth Softball Nationals Myrtle Beach Tournament Pin Trading


You’ll want to collect one from each team in all age groups to make a complete set. Our Pin Towels are a great option to collect and display your pins. We will provide a checklist of all teams participating in the pin trading for you to download from our website and distribute to your players to help them keep track of their collections. Once a player believes they have each pin, they will present their collection to our softball operations staff for verification. Once verified, that player will be entered in the drawing for this amazing prize!

Youth Softball Nationals Myrtle Beach Tournament Pin Trading

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Pins typically take 6-8 weeks to create. Pins should be ordered by the team manager, head coach or team coordinator and should be ordered for the entire team at one time in order to coordinate the design and receive volume price breaks. Pinden is the exclusive, official pin provider of the Youth Softball Nationals. Pinden guarantees they will not be beat on price, quality or service so you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal!


We recommend that you plan on ordering at least 1 pin for every team that will be participating in the Nationals for each of your players. This will give players for each team the opportunity to compile a complete set and also qualify for the MLB World Series contest.


Please confirm the number of teams attending before confirming your order.

PinDen at Youth Softball Nationals Tournament
Youth Softball Nationals Tournament Pin Trading
Youth Softball Nationals Myrtle Beach Tournament Pin Trading

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$9.99 for pre-order and can be picked up at opening ceremony Fanzone OR on site the rest of the week at Nationals Fanzone for $12.99