Use the TeamRaise program to pay for your trip to the YOUTH SOFTBALL NATIONALS


Step 1. Register Your Team

Register your team online for one of the Youth Softball Nationals events. During your registration, check the box on the registration form indicating your desire to participate in the TeamRaise program. Click Here to register for the Youth Softball Nationals.

Step 2. Pay Your Team's Initial Deposit

There is an initial deposit with the Softball Nationals to lock your team in to the event and is noted on the Nationals registration page. Pay this deposit and a small TeamRaise participation fee, which is just $25, to cover the cost of shipping your TeamRaise fundraising package and administration fees to setup your TeamRaise account. Don’t worry, you’ll easily make all this money back once you finish the program! You can pay these fees online at the time of registration or mail us a check. Refer to the Nationals registration page for more details.

Step 3. Open TeamRaise Package

After we receive your team’s initial Nationals deposit + TeamRaise participation fee we will ship your TeamRaise fundraising package! Your package will include several items including 500 donation tickets. This, along with your team’s new TeamRaise webpage, is the heart of the program. Your team will sell these tickets at $10 each in exchange for the chance for your donor to win a free 50″ flat screen HDTV! These tickets are professionally printed with TeamRaise branding and illustrate the awesome 50” Flat-Screen HDTV one of your lucky donors will receive! Click HERE to see what they will look like.

Also included in your package will be instructions on setting up your new, TeamRaise team webpage so your players can also receive donations online to reach their goal in addition to their face-to-face selling. This is one of the best features of the program as your families can sell tickets online quickly by advertising your team’s webpage through social media and email. See an example TeamRaise page HERE!

Here’s the best part. Your team keeps 80% of all tickets sold both in person and online, and we take care of the cost of everything else, including the TV and shipping it to your winner’s door! Compared to other fundraising programs like candy bars, magazines, coupon cards, and others the TeamRaise fundraising program gives you a much bigger chunk of the money you raise. We will indicate your team’s drawing date within the TeamRaise package materials. Your drawing date will be set for approximately 45-48 days from the time you receive your package so you’ll want to get started selling tickets right away!

We will invoice you for the 500 tickets included in your package, but don’t sweat it, you won’t need to pay that invoice until after you’ve had plenty of time to sell your tickets. The invoice won’t be due until 60 days from the date we ship your package, and you can return any tickets you don’t sell for a full credit! There’s no risk to participating in the program, you’ll only pay for the tickets you sell! We’ll adjust your invoice for tickets sold online and for any printed tickets you return.

Step 4. Set Player Goals & Deploy Your Team

Set a goal for each player to sell at least 40 tickets. The paper tickets are pre-printed at $10 each and likewise, online tickets are available for purchase at $10 each as well. Set rewards for your top sellers or for those that exceed their goal to provide further incentive for them. The TeamRaise Guide, included in your package, will have suggestions for these incentives. We’ll also give you suggestions of the best places for your players to go to sell tickets and how to accept ticket sales on your new TeamRaise team webpage. You won’t believe how easy this is! Sell all 500 paper tickets we send you and you will have raised $4,000 for your team – enough to pay your entry fees to the Nationals! If you sell more, you can use the additional funds to pay for things like travel, lodging, etc. If you need even more tickets let us know and we’ll send them to you! Many teams used this fundraiser to pay for their entire Nationals trip last year!

Step 5. Count Your Cash!

With a roster of 12 players, your team can raise anywhere from $960 to $4,800 or more! This is a great way to not only pay for your entry fees, but can also be applied to lodging costs, travel costs, food expenses and more!

Step 6. Draw Your Winner!

Put all your ticket stubs and your online ticket printouts in a bowl, hat or whatever else you have available and mix them up. This is the fun part, reach in and draw your TeamRaise winner! Once you have your winner’s name, just send us their contact info through the TeamRaise website and after we receive payment for your TeamRaise invoice (see below) we will ship your winner a brand new, name brand, 50” Flat-Screen HDTV direct to their door, anywhere in the country! You pay nothing for the TV or the shipping costs, that’s on us – how cool is that?

Step 7. Pay Your TeamRaise Invoice

Your TeamRaise invoice is not due until 10 days after your drawing date. Obviously, after you’ve collected all of your funds. Remember, you keep 80% of the money raised so your invoice will only represent the other 20%. Each printed ticket is $2.00 as well as each ticket sold online carries a $2.00 processing fee. If you’d like to return any unsold tickets for a credit you will need to get those back to us within that time frame, before the invoice due date. The process is simple and instructions are included in your TeamRaise package. Once we receive payment for your TeamRaise invoice we will process the fulfillment of the TV and ship to your drawing winner.

Disclaimer: In the event that you do not turn in your Team Raise fundraising box within 30 days after your drawing date you will be charged an additional $150.00 fee. Please communicate any and all information for shipping to

Sign Up Your Team To Participate

By participating in Team Raise, you are agreeing to pay your initial deposit & a small fee of $25 to cover the cost of shipping your TeamRaise fundraising package and administration fees to setup your TeamRaise account. You must remit all payments in order to start your Team Raise Fundraising. This is a great way to not only pay for your entry fees, but can also be applied to lodging costs, travel costs, food expenses and more!

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